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It really is the most wonderful time of the year. It seems that as soon as trick-or-treaters spread their treasures out on the living room carpet, storefronts and strip malls chuck their pumpkins and deck the halls. Decor-shopping can be addicting, and a simple trip to Target or HomeGoods can end in enough lights and garland to decorate a skyscraper. That’s why it’s important to plan out what you’re going to get before you visit a brick-and-mortar or online store. These are some of the top winter decor aesthetics for 2019.

VÄRMER Collection – IKEA

Their furniture may be infamously difficult to put together, but their 2019 winter collection drives a hard bargain. Modernist decor is known for its geometry and solid color, which this collection has in droves. From bold and bright star lights to crosshatch-patterned aprons, the VÄRMER collection uses white space to its advantage. Apple red and ocean blue lines contour the collection, evoking images of holly berries and frozen-over lakes. The simplicity of this collection makes it perfect for any home aesthetic!

“Keep it neutral” – House Beautiful

This home and garden advice site offers great advice for anyone who doesn’t know where to start with decor, especially in the wintertime. Design editor Hadley Mendelsohn suggests greenery, which “can enliven an entire room,” and rich textures to add depth to a room. However, one of the best bits of advice she offers is to maintain a neutral look. “You don’t need to go all out with bold color—keep your winter palette neutral and bright,” Hadley writes. White is, of course, the staple color for holiday decor, and using white space can make small bits of color stand out merry and bright.

Layers and Textures – House Beautiful

Here’s more great advice from House Beautiful, this time from interior style journalist Sofie Warren-Smith. She highlights the importance of staying warm and cozy on those cold winter nights, a tactic that begins with the use of textiles. Throw rugs, blankets, and other fabrics help make a room feel more comfortable, even if you aren’t wrapping yourself up in them. In addition, Sofie explains that textures are in—coarser pillows, more dynamic patterns, and retro graphics are just a few unique ways to make you feel like you’re really home for the holidays. 

Butterscotch and Tartan – Culture Whisper

Inspired by the top looks at London Fashion Week, Culture Whisper highlights colors such as butterscotch, crabapple, merlot, and hazel. While dark in hue, these colors are undeniably warm—perfect for decorating a winter retreat! And, for those who love patterns, tartan is in. The Scandanavian lodge aesthetic is huge this year, giving you the perfect opportunity to curl up with some cocoa or spiked cider and embrace the warmth of the holidays!