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Traveling to any destination can be fun, exciting, and sometimes a little stressful.  Depending on your destination, how long your trip is, and means of travel, you might feel a little overwhelmed with your preparation and readiness.  Shorter trips to more local destinations require a little less work to prepare for. However, if you’re about to embark on an international journey that requires a long flight, as well as a longer stay once you reach your destination, you might want to consider some of these travel hacks to make your experience a little more manageable. 

Dress for Comfort

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, always wear your most comfortable clothing for your flight.  If you’re traveling internationally, even if it’s for business purposes, there’s nothing worse than feeling cramped in an uncomfortable suit or outfit.  Dress for comfort, and pack another outfit in your carry-on if you need to quickly change once you land. 

Organize Electronics & Have a Power Bank 

While many of us say we don’t want to always rely on our electronic devices for entertainment, a long flight is a more than acceptable time to use your devices as an entertainment lifeline.  Long flights can feel like they’re dragging on, and the more you distract yourself, the better. Make sure you have your phone, headphones, and computer or tablet on hand so you can use it for entertainment purposes throughout your flight. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music, movies, or books without having to be focused on the time it’s going to take to reach your destination.  Additionally, you may want to invest in a power back or a portable battery. Long flights and airplane wifi can drain a battery quickly. 

Pick Your Seat Wisely 

Where you’re sitting can make or break your flight experience.  While some prefer the window seat, others prefer the aisle, giving them the best opportunity to get off of the plane before many others.  Many travelers even have a preference to what part of the plane they’re sitting in; back, front, on the wing, etc. Be sure to find the seat that suits you best when booking to best improve your flight experience. 

Try to Adjust Your Internal Clock 

If you’re traveling internationally, or to a different time zone, you may experience some serious jet lag due to the change in time.  Believe it or not, your body has it’s own internal clock, and if it’s thrown off, it could cause you to have significant trouble falling or staying asleep once you reach your destination.  A long trip is likely planned well in advance, so in the days leading up to departure, you may want to try and reset your internal clock to match that of the time zone of your destination. You can do this by going to bed or waking up a little earlier or later (depending) a day or so before your actual flight.