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As we head into 2018, it’s time for another onslaught of lists predicting upcoming trends for the new year. From top travel destinations to style trends, there are lists for everything that will be hot in the coming months, and web design is no exception. Keep your sites on the cutting edge and draw visitors back time and time again with these predictions for the top web design trends coming in 2018.

  1. Interactive Content & Web Animation

Everything about the user experience is pushing towards a more personalized and engaging experience that will not only draw users into your website but will keep them there as well. This means no more giant blocks of text or bland, unresponsive sites. Users want to be able to interact with your site and they want to see movement as well. Prepare to see a lot of simple web animation that will breathe life into sites without slowing them down, and get ready to engage a whole lot more during your time online.

  1. Serifs Making a Comeback

Serif fonts — fonts that have feet, like Times New Roman or Courier — were the standard for many years before the invention of the computer. Once digital screens became prominent, sans-serif fonts — like Arial or Calibri — became popular due to the uniformity of the letters which enhanced readability. Now, since screen resolution has improved leaps and bounds, sans-serif fonts are no longer necessary for legibility, which has reopened the door to the more polished-looking serif fonts. Expect to see them making a comeback in a big way on site titles, logos, and more.

  1. Engaging Photographs & Bold Minimalism

As the resolution on screens and monitors become more and more advanced, the ability to showcase truly remarkable photography grows with it. Unique photographs that encapsulate the vision of your business or brand are being paired with bold, minimal typography that lets your work speak for itself in a whole new way. Sharper screens allow for crispness where there may have once been blandness to give even simple designs some kick.

  1. Bright Colors

Bright, bold colors are eye-catching, and we enjoy looking at them, so it’s no surprise that this design trend is here to stay for the time being. The combinations of bright colors can create a unique and popping aesthetic that will really set you apart from others.