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Last minute traveling can occur for many reasons: business, personal, or procrastination. Regardless of the reason, avoiding any extra fees and annoyances allows for less stress and a more enjoyable trip. While keeping calm and patient, use these tips to find the best deals for your spontaneous, or long-overdue, flights and packages.

Research Multiple Options On Multiple Sites

When searching for last minute deals, it can be tempting to select the first flight you find in hopes of sealing the ‘cheapest’ deal. However, the over-eagerness can also be a disadvantage. Many sites offer different packages and flights for last-minute travelers, but they do not all have the same offers. Websites such as,, and can be good sources, although they shouldn’t be the only sites visited. Other sites such as Google Flights or Momondo may be less-known, but they can often have the best prices.

While completing a search, make sure to look at different airports. If traveling from the east coast, you could start by searching Philadelphia International and then compare to another close airport, such as Baltimore-Washington International.

Remember the 14-Day Rule

Starting at two weeks before departure, airlines, hotels, and cruises that aren’t entirely booked begin offering significant discounts. In efforts to reach no vacancy, companies send out discount emails, as well as provide third-party booking sites with more packages. Airline websites are also an excellent place to look when booking a last minute flight, as they don’t make money on empty seats. When using this tip to your advantage, start by booking your flight, then line up your hotel and transportations accordingly. This will allow you to be more flexible about arrival and departure dates and will reduce last-minute stress.

Travel During The Off-Peak

Most travelers look to fly during the end of the week and weekend. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is something to be aware of when booking a last minute flight. Since there is a higher demand towards the end of the week and weekend, the prices for those flights are also higher. Instead of paying the extra fees, book your flight for an off day, such as Tuesday or Wednesday. If you book your arrival and departure days during the week, there will be more flights and rooms available.

While booking travel and vacations in advance uses a lot less energy and stress, there are plenty of ways to get to where you want without breaking the bank with last minute travel. It may take more time and energy, but utilizing these tips and the right websites, any last-minute traveler can book an overall inexpensive flight and vacation.