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With geopolitical tensions running high, it’s easy to see why so many people just want to escape from it all and jet off to parts unknown. But what are the best places to see in 2018? We’ve compiled a hot list of the most alluring, intriguing and downright fun places on the planet to visit this year!


A large Italian island nestled in the Mediterranean Ocean, Sardinia is loved by celebrities such as George Clooney. Known for its gorgeous hiking trails and even some mysterious ruins from the Bronze Age, Sardinia seems to be making a name as one of the most sought-after destinations in 2018.


If you like the idea of Sardinia but you’re looking for something with a more distinctly French flair, it’s time to check out Corsica. With renowned hiking trails and a coastline to die for, Corsica is truly a gem. Combining the best of France and Italy, this is one vacation destination that cannot be missed.


It’s not every day that you visit an island that was once rumored to be made from the corpses of gods, but the Greek hotspot Mykonos is not just any island. Located in the Aegean Sea, it also boasts a bombastic dance music scene, as well as windmills that have been there for over five centuries. Those who are seeking out a fun summer excursion will undoubtedly fall for the party vibes in Mykonos. With idyllic weather and a friendly population, Mykonos tends to pop up a lot on social media these days.

New Zealand:

If you’re a skywatcher who loves to look at the stars, there has never been a better time to visit New Zealand. With the Aurora Australis lighting up the sky—and with a lack of light pollution—you will likely find that the views this time of year are truly incredible.

Galway, Ireland:

The famous writer Oscar Wilde hailed from this area, and he often discussed the “savage beauty” of his native county. Known for its booming, sophisticated cultural scene, as well as the aforementioned views, Galway is also filled with plenty of pubs for those who like to pick up a pint or two while on vacation. Located close to some other Irish hotspots, Galway is often overlooked by tourists.