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There are so many beautiful website concepts out there, you may want to combine all of the things you love into one site! However, as you’d probably expect, the result would be atrocious. Websites these days are simple and clean. These are some of my favorite examples of sites, as well as guides for how to craft the perfect webpage. Be sure to visit my Website Design board on Pinterest for more!

1: Creating a website involves several moving parts. This makes it easy for some important aspects of the site to slip through the cracks. This cute infographic lists seven items to not overlook!

2: What fonts are in vogue? Skip old-school fonds like Arial and Times New Roman, and opt for something trendy like Oswald.
3: If you want to balance minimalism with information, this infographic will help! It lists all of the ingredients you can mix together on your website, as well as things you should consider, to promote your online brand.
4: This adorable website is the perfect example of a modern website! Notice the friendly relationship that the content has with white space.
5: Adjusting the back-end of your site? This HTML cheat-sheet is a must-have! Save it to your computer for future reference; you’ll thank yourself later.