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Paris: the city of love. France is a beautiful country, but Paris takes the cake. For its fine food and amazing architecture, Paris should top everyone’s travel bucket list. These are some of my favorite views of the city. Be sure to visit my Travel Goals board on Pinterest for more!

1: Look at that gorgeous shot of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background! It’s a brand new way to view some famous architecture, and the fog makes it all the more beautiful.

2: Parisian architecture is some of the most gorgeous and unique. The United States is used to red brick and sleek metal, but this weathered stone is a feast for the eyes!
3: Go to Paris for the views, stay for the food. Nothing sounds more delightful than sipping coffee and nibbling on a croissant at a little French café!
4: Lazy vacations are an absolute dream. Imagine cozying up on a balcony in your robes, drinking in the Paris sun!
5: So many beautiful shops and cafés are hiding off the beaten Paris path. I’d love some time to explore every nook and cranny of the city!