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Fashion goes in and out of style at the same rate that the sun and moon travel east to west. It can be hard to find your own definitive style, especially when you’re trying to stay ahead of the fashion trend curve! That’s what makes Pinterest so great—you can use it to compile your favorite designs in real-time! These are just a few of the fashion trends you’ll have to check out for 2020. Be sure to visit my What to Wear board for more inspo!

1: Less color, more texture. Visual and tangile textures, like sharp patterns and couroroy, are some must-haves for your closet. Nowadays, it isn’t faux pas to mix and match textures. See which combinations bring out the best you!

2: Size doesn’t matter. Instead of buying finely-tailored clothes that pinch and pull, baggy is the way to go. Over-sized is the perfect size!
3: Pick something to pop. Whether it’s drawing attention to your killer makeup or showing off the cute vintage bag you just bought, find ways to make your outfits into modern art!
4: Kitschy is chic. Don’t shy away from gaudy statement jewelry. Fashion these days is about announcing yourself and your sense of style loud and proud! Earrings like these are so fun to look at, and even more fun to wear!
5: Get your shapes in check. If you don’t know much about geometry, it’s time to learn! Modern fashion is defined by sharp angles and shaped silhouettes. Just check out the cinched waist and rectangular pantlegs on this model’s jumpsuit!