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If “New Year, New Me” has manifested as a Marie Kondo-level home cleanout, you’ll definitely want to make sure that your home office is up-to-snuff. Thankfully, minimalist decor is in for 2020, and these office decor photos are bound to give you some inspiration! Check out my Office Decor board on Pinterest for even more inspo!

1: Plants, plants, and more plants. Breathe life into your home office by adding some springtime cheer! You’ll love the splashes of color that even dark greens can add to your workspace.

2: Shelves for extra space. It can be hard to find room for every work-related item in your home, especially since drawerless desks are the latest trend. Using cubbies and above-desk shelves can free up space on the desk and offer both horizontal and vertical space-fillers!
3: Color schemes that scream (or whisper) “you.” Home offices don’t have to be boring! Accent walls, fun decor, and stylish furniture can make you feel quite comfortable, even in the midst of a stressful work week!
4: Vision boards as decor. You’ve likely created a vision board before by cutting up magazine bits and gluing them to paper. Why not make a vision board for your home office to keep you pumped? Grab inspirational quotes, favorite photos, and magazine cut-outs to create a fun, inspirational board!
5: Let the (natural) light in. Don’t cram yourself into an uncomfortable corner! Positioning your desk to that you receive natural light will keep you happier and healthier and can help some of that greenery grow. Watch the world pass by while you work!