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“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your noseā€¦” The lyrics to Christmas carols always get me ready for the holidays, and they serve as great inspiration for decor, food, and fashion! Here are just a few of my favorite pieces from my Pinterest board, “Holidays!!”

1: Tiny Gingerbread Houses. What could be cuter or more festive than little pieces of gingerbread to accompany your cocoa, cider, and eggnog?

2: Wrap Parties. A wrap party is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays and set your party apart from the rest!
3: Velvet Dresses. What could be more gorgeous than a green velvet dress? The color reflects the earthy green of a pine tree!
4: Garland. Get creative with your garland this year; instead of stringing it around your staircase or draping it over your fireplace, try highlighting your windows!
5: Gingerbread Inspo. Look at the delicate piping on these cookies!