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As you can tell, these aren’t fall colors, but COLOR in general gives me life, as does the crisp fall air. I am rejuvenated this season and find myself thinking about all sorts of changes and looking for new infusions of inspiration for my work as well. Below are some of my favorite, colorful brilliant images that are inspiring me this season. Be sure to follow my Inspiration board on Pinterest for all the color you could ever want!

1: It doesn’t get more beautiful than Judy Garland passed out in a bed of poppies with gorgeous faux snow speckling her face!

2: Cover of a book from the ’60s that might withhold the contents of my current brain
3: I found this artist (IKEGAMI yoriyuki イケガミ ヨリユキborn in 1993/freelance artist/based in Japan) while up late at night, and I can’t get enough of the trippy images. Makes me at once intrigued and at ease. I’m a new mom and thinking of this type of night time situation for my child excites me, although I doubt it would lull him to slumber. Stare at this one for a while and see how you feel!
4: I can’t find the origin of this artist (who are you?!), but the figure drawing with overlaid color captured me. While at college art school, I never thought of applying my favorite medium (color. period.) on top of my figure drawings. Would have made things much more interesting, especially when we were allowed to be more abstract with it. I plan to take a figure drawing class in the fall, and this shall serve as my inspiration for a few final products.
5. I also can’t find this origin (again, who are you??), but with the change in season comes a new time for planting. These babies make me not only happy but hopeful for my future plant lady life.