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There’s nothing more relaxing than some good old-fashioned DIY. I’ve been saving some of my favorite crafty projects on my DIY Pinterest board, and thought I’d take some time to share them with you. Some of these would make great holiday gifts, while others are perfect for when you’re snowed-in!

1: Step aside, Jackson Pollock, I can be a splatter paint expert, too! Pick some of your favorite colors and go to town on any size canvas. It’s a great way to hang a piece of yourself on the wall!

2: No matter how good (or bad) your handwriting is, learning calligraphy is a fun new hobby to try!
3: Why use needles when you can use your arms instead? If you’re looking to add another blanket to your collection (because let’s be real, you can never have too many blankets), try crafting one instead of buying one!