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One of the most important factors about a phone app is the user experience, also known as the UX. A good one can make an app an overnight hit while a poor one can ruin an app development company. Micro interactions are one of the main ways to improve the UX by making the app simple enough for anyone to use it but complex enough to be interesting. That is why the following list of the top three components to consider when enhancing your user experience design has been assembled. They are, in no particular order, as follows:

  • Utilizing Micro Interactions


  • Giving An Optional Demonstration To First Time Users


  • Take User Feedback Seriously

Utilizing Micro Interactions

Micro interactions are the individual ways in which a user interact with an app. An example of this would be when they are prompted to answer yes or no to a particular question. A separate screen pops up and the user can then select their choice. Micro interactions are a very important part of the experience of an app. If used correctly, they can be one of the biggest selling points of an app. Conversely, poorly formatted micro interactions can be a breaking point for users which causes them to delete the app on the spot.

Giving An Optional Demonstration To First Time Users

Some users would like to figure things out on their own. Others would like to be shown around before they’re thrown into a new app for the first time. To combat this, apps should attempt to give new users a “tour” of the app once they first download it. A simple yes or no question allows those who wish to opt out to do so. The “tour” should show the user how the main functions of the app work and give a detailed walk through when requested.

Take User Feedback Seriously

At the end of the day, the ultimate critics of an app are the users. So, it is imperative to take the feedback of the customer very seriously. To help with this, an app can be excessively beta tested. This allows trusted friends and colleagues to work with the app and attempt to find flaws in the micro interactions before it hits the mass market. App ratings are also a great way to receive constructive criticism and constantly improve the app.