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Today, business has evolved from traditional retail spaces and advertisements to an entire world of online shops where you can purchase, sell, and advertise different goods and services with a few clicks of a mouse.  When utilizing a website for business purposes where consumers may visit your site to make purchases or find information about your company, having a website with a good user experience (UX) design is essential, and it could hold a huge weight in how well your business is doing.  How and why does a good UX design contribute to better business?

Easy Accessibility for a Strong User Interface

When a user visits your company’s website, they want to be able to navigate easily, find what they need, and know the website they’re using is functional and secure.  You want to make sure your site flows well, and that users can easily figure out where to go once they land on your page. Sites that are difficult for users to navigate through often have higher bounce rates as users tend to leave them rather quickly.  The more user-friendly your site is, the better a chance users will spend more time on it.

Good Design Means Increased Users

The overall design of your site has to do with not only just the aesthetics but the potential for an increase in users.  From the colors you choose to graphics, logos, and links, all of these things play a huge role in the usability of your site; and essentially, the better a site looks and functions, the more users you’ll see. According to UX design expert, Lexie Lu, “the experience your customer has on your website determines whether they complete the purchase or remain your customer.”

Easy Purchasing Methods and Mobile Compatibility

More than likely, users are visiting your site for two reasons:

  • To find out company information, search for products or services, and view pricing
  • To make purchases

E-commerce is a huge space right now, as more than 80% of U.S consumers take their regular shopping to the internet.  E-commerce has made purchasing goods and services a seamless process that can almost be completed in an instant.  To keep up with the online shopping craze, you want to make sure your site has easy purchasing methods that can be accessed from not only a laptop or computer but also from mobile devices.  Consumers are utilizing their smartphones to visit websites and make purchases more than ever before. Having a site that is not only easy to navigate and purchase from but is also mobile friendly is crucial in today’s technology-driven world.