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One of the greatest aspects of interior design is following the way trends have changed over time.  Looking at the way homes were designed 30 years ago, holds a drastic difference from the homes of today, from floor plans to appliances and color options.  Today, interior design has become a mix of rustic and modern ideas, that can be brought to life by a professional, or completed by a homeowner with a passion for all things DIY.  Here’s a quick list of four popular interior design trends you might come across this year.

Black Bathrooms

Bathrooms have gone through pretty significant decor changes over the last few decades.  Coming from pale pinks and blues, with “calming” seashell themes, to recently more modern “spa-like” looks consisting of neutral colors and tile work.  But 2019 has brought a new trend to the world of bathroom decor: Bold, dark, and black. The days of neutral color tones are coming to an end, and many homeowners and designers are incorporating black appliances, colors, and other dark accents into their bathrooms.  The trend is meant to give off a high-end, luxury appearance.

Saturated Color

Recent years have had many homeowners in a “grey phase”.  Similar to the way bathroom decor looked, neutral colors and greys were extremely popular throughout the home.  However, many interior design professionals are saying that with 2019 comes an extreme pop of color, or colors! “For a long time people have been in this grey phase While it’s very open airy and feels good, people are starting to turn to colors to pull different feelings and emotions. We are seeing people want to be energized, and kind of wrapped in color,” says interior designer, Lisa Gilmore.

Darker & Warmer Kitchen Colors

A nice white kitchen is stunning and clean and was also a huge design trend for the last few years.  White quartz countertops, with modern white cabinets and neutral grey tile backsplashes, are a common sight in many newer homes.  However, similar to the saturated color trend, kitchen decor is slowly moving away from the all-white look, and embarking on a journey of warmer, darker colors.  

Bold Backsplashes & Wallpaper

Wallpapers are making a strong comeback in 2019, and so are boldly patterned backsplashes to accompany them.  Graphic backsplash tiles for stunning patterns are becoming wildly popular over the monochromatic trend that’s been circulating over the last few years.  With that, textured ornate walls and wallpapers are making a comeback as well. Both of these design options add stunning pops of color and excitement to your home.