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Regardless of where you live, If you are seeking warmer temperatures in the doldrums of winter, consider some of these exceptional tropical destinations:

Riviera Maya, Mexico

A destination packed with perks, Riviera Maya will meet all of your tropic needs.  From authentic cultural experiences and food to stunning white sand beaches that offer tranquility and tons of sun.  Affordable, and located at the end of the Yucatan peninsula, Riviera Maya gives visitors a mix of the Caribbean and the ever popular destination of Cancun.  Stay at an all-inclusive resort or a small boutique hotel that provides a more low-key experience. To get into some adventurous activities, head to the beach to swim with dolphins, or take up snorkeling to see some of the beautiful native marine life.  

Bora Bora, Tahiti

When you think “tropical paradise” you can definitely think Bora Bora.  A stunning French Polynesian island escape that offers visitors a once in a lifetime experience.  Enjoy beautiful scenery and stay in luxury bungalows that are set right over the crystal blue waters; some of these bungalows even have glass floors that give you a perfect look into the water below.  Experience authentic French cuisine and find adventure on stunning hiking trails and underwater explorations.


The Maldives is a location that is something out of a movie.  Warm, crystal blue waters located throughout the Indian Ocean offer visitors a beautiful oasis (made up of about 99% water).  Travelers will also find luxury resorts located on perfectly white sand beaches overlooking the surrounding aquamarine waters.  Try diving, snorkeling, or take up surfing at some of the most popular tropical surf destinations you can find.

The Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

A beautiful tropic setting, lined with about 20 islands, this location is well known for its stunning coral reefs, palm-tree lined beaches, and crystal waters. Stay at one of the many stunning island resorts that range from family friendly to more romantic, adult-only settings; you can even find traditional huts that offer a more private quaint setting to your tropical vacation stay.