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One of the best aspects of design, in general, is the opportunity for creativity.  Home design, for example, is an area where you can practice creativity while turning your living space into a comfortable and welcoming setting.  As a corporate professional, you’re likely to spend a significant amount of time in your work office, or a professional office setting of sorts. And if you’re like many other corporate professionals, your work likely follows you home now and then.  With that, if you have an extra space in your home, you may want to consider creating yourself a home office space; this is where you can create a creative, comfortable workspace that suits you perfectly. Here are a few solid tips:


Just like finding a place for a business office, location in your home is important as well.  You want your home office to be in a quiet area, free from distractions (if possible). Of course, this does depend a lot on your home setting and how your home is laid out.  However, if you have an extra room, a loft space, or even a finished basement or attic, you can surely transform it into a wonderful home workspace. Additionally, if your space is limited, you can always reserve yourself a nook in your living area as well.

Color & Lighting

Assuming you have a space for a home office, like a separate room, you’ll want to focus on the aesthetics, such as color and lighting.  A room with a few windows for natural light is a great step to creating a calming workspace.  Decide on a few color options that you think would suit the space best. Generally, you’ll want to go for lighter, soft colors that will make your space feel open and welcoming while reflecting any natural light that may be coming in.  


One of the most exciting parts of designing your home space is choosing the right office accessories.  Your accessories can be artwork that’s reflective of your personality, photography or family photos that bring you joy.  Whatever you choose, accessorizing your space is one of the best ways to make it, yours!


You’ll want to make sure your workspace has the necessary technology that you need to get your job completed.  Make sure you have everything you need, phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc. It’s all based on what works best for you!