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A website is not something you create once and then leave it on the shelf hoping visitors will drop by to see it. Websites take time, commitment and consistency to make them relevant and popular. If you want visitors to keep returning to your site, implement the following steps.

Make it Fast

Majority of visitors will leave your site if it hasn’t loaded in 2-3 seconds. We live in a very high-paced society, so use a Content Delivery Network to optimize your site’s speed. Simply put, a CDN works by using multiple servers to deliver your data to users all over the world, meaning that not all requests are made through a single server which can result is slow page loads. These servers are set up all around the world so visitors to your site will see your website faster than ever before. For a small cost you can have a CDN working for you, and you’ll instantly notice the faster page loads. CDNs include CloudFlare, EdgeCast, CacheFlx and MaxCDN.

Make it Easy

Make sure your site is usable, both on a computer AND a phone. Data shows that 80% of websites are viewed on a mobile device, so make it mobile-friendly!

It is not enough to have a site that looks good, it also needs to be easy to navigate. When it comes to design, keep it simple. Forget bells and whistles and focus on the essentials. Use eye-catching colors, readable fonts, and rich images and video. This is all part of the user experience, which you want to be nothing less than amazing!

Engage Users through email
Email is a great tool for engaging one-on-one with your audience, and keeping them engaged. If your emails can give something beyond what users can find on the website, it will make users feel “in the know,” and they’ll become more likely to become brand advocates, according to Add This. A 2014 study showed that email marketing is nearly 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined; 91% of US consumers use email daily.

Have a Drawcard

Most website platforms allow for an add-on news or blog page that can be updated as often as you like, adding quality rich content to your site. Jamin Andrews proposes that you share your advice, how to’s, reviews, tutorials and news with your visitors. If you have an e-commerce site you can’t go wrong with a promotion or sale, if this is updated on a regular basis you’ll give your visitors reason to visit more frequently.