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A new year (and new decade!) brings new trends in fashion and design. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the world of decor. As we start to pack up our holiday garland and lights, it’s time to ring in this fresh start with some fabulous decor. Here are 2020’s upcoming interior decor trends, straight from the experts!

Grandmillennial Style

Being doomed to repeat history isn’t all so bad, especially in the world of design. Grandmillennial style is known as “traditional with a twist,” blending elements of old-school art and design with chic and sleek modern must-haves. There’s something incredibly homey about Grandmillennial decor; whether it’s the new-found fashionability of doilies or the designs that harken back to days spent at Grandma’s house, it’s hard to tell. All I know is, it’s been on the rise in late 2019 and hasn’t shown any signs of stopping!


Our world is becoming more and more eco-friendly, with people around the globe returning to their roots—at times, quite literally. This biophilia trend involves the use of natural materials such as metal, wood, and stone for decorating and accenting a room. In other cases, biophilia uses recycled materials. As Collected Interior writes, this past decade was a time of high-tech and electronic development, “but 2020 is all about getting back and giving back to nature.”


Contemporary decor has become almost synonymous with solid shades, particularly white and black, with bold color accents. However, it seems that patterns are coming back out of the woodwork, with wallpaper and backsplashes on the rise. New Decor Trends describes wallpaper as being “the protagonist in 2020,” specifically nature-specific patterns such as flowers and leaves. In addition, New Decor Trends explains the importance of “colors, textures and cultures” in adding personality to the various rooms of your house and creating focal points for visitors and residents alike.

Natural Light and Simplicity

2020 seems to be a fresh start not just for you, but for your home as well. Interior design experts cite the importance of creating calm spaces as you decorate during 2020, with plenty of natural light and open space available. While wallpaper patterns and the intricate designs of Grandmillennial decor don’t seem calming, they serve as splashes of color and character in an otherwise cozy abode. No matter what you decide to do with your home in 2020, make sure you give yourself—and the room—space to breathe!