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In the early 19th century, trains were the main form of travel in North America and Europe. Rail travel has certainly declined in the past century, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a fun and efficient way to travel. Around the world, passenger trains continue to offer transportation between cities. Rail travel has many advantages over traveling by plane or by car. Take a look at these 5 reasons to book a train ticket today.


The views offered by train rides cannot be replicated by any other form of transportation. Trains often wind through the countryside, around mountains, and past rivers. These scenic views are often inaccessible to cars and invisible to planes, whether that’s due to the driver being focused or the plane zipping through a cloud-filled sky. Fortunately, all train passengers have to do is relax and watch the world pass by. 


Trains offer comfort and other amenities that you don’t always get from other vehicles. Unlike planes, trains offer plenty of legroom and walking space in case you’re tired of sitting, and the bathrooms can be quite spacious. Long train rides come with restaurants and sleeper cabins, which should never be taken for granted! Plus, passengers can bring on outside food, drink, and activities to enjoy during the ride, with trash receptacles available once you’ve finished your snacks. Both cars and planes seem cramped in comparison.


It’s quite easy to travel by train, thanks to limited wait time and virtually no traffic. There’s no navigation needed, no difficult coordination of connecting flights and layovers, just a vehicle on a track and a multi-stop ticket. Many trains offer unreserved tickets, which allow you to take any train within a certain time frame out of a certain city. This can be especially helpful when the weather may not cooperate! 


We all know how expensive plane tickets can get. Luckily, train tickets come at a much more reasonable price! Cost is a huge factor in travel, and if you’re going on a long trip, you’ll want money for other important expenses, such as food and laundry. The cost-efficiency of train tickets is especially apparent when you consider what goes into traveling by car. Think about all the costs that come with automobiles, including gas, rental vehicles, and overnight stops at dingy motels. Doesn’t the train, with its sleeper cabin and spacious aisles, sound appealing?