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Whether it’s your first home, apartment, or you just need to change things up where you’ve been settled for the last few years, the design to your living space can absolutely make your home, feel like, home.  You want your space to be reflective of your personality and what you love; whether that’s bright vibrant colors, neutral undertones, or tons of DIY home projects that show your creativity and craftsmanship.  Either way, the great thing about interior design is it’s truly reflective of YOU; and what’s better than that!  If you’re seeking some insight, here are a few tips to make your space exactly what you want:

Figure Out Your Color Scheme

Your color scheme is the staple of your whole design plan.  This is where you’re going to establish what colors and shades of paint, wallpaper, furniture, etc., you want to use.  You may want to maintain a similar color scheme throughout your entire home, or take it room by room; either is fine. Different rooms will reflect your colors in different ways, and the accentual pieces you choose can really add a personal style to each room.  You also want to consider the size of each room, and what colors will work best. A best practice for smaller rooms is to use lighter, softer colors, to make the space look bigger than it actually is.

The Power of an Accent Wall

Piggy-backing off of your general color scheme, if you are thinking about a possible pop of color, but don’t want to stray too far from your original plan, consider an accent wall.  Accent walls are a great way to not only break up your space but add some color or depth to a room that might need it. Keep in mind, and accent wall doesn’t need to be a wall of solid color.  You can make an accent wall textured with wood panels or wallpaper, or even paint an abstract pattern that still works within your original color scheme.

Mix it Up!

To keep your design fun and inviting, you may want to mix things up a bit.  You can have a more modern look, with a rustic touch, or vice versa. The great thing about design is the ability to customize.  If you purchased a brand new couch with matching throw pillows, take a trip to your local home store and find some pillows that aren’t necessarily matching, but still go well with your set.  Mix up patterns and textures, new and old, and even throw in some fun DIY projects that you can proudly showcase in your space.

Brighten Your Space With Plants and Mirrors

Mirrors and plants are a fantastic way to brighten any space within your home.  Mirrors can help bring in light, and reflect it nicely throughout a room, especially if it’s placed right near a window.  If you have a green thumb, different plants can easily brighten your room, and make it much more lively! Depending on your preference, you can add tons of plants throughout your home, or limit it to just a few.