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Mary Mickel works as a partner at Resplendent Hospitality, a PR and marketing agency based in Austin, Texas. One of her favorite aspects of working in the PR industry is designing visuals for the clients that she works with. In particular, she enjoys designing the websites for each client. While Mary initially designed client websites out of necessity, she quickly realized she had a talent for it, and she enjoyed the creative process. One of the biggest inspirations for Mary’s design work—both at Resplendent Hospitality and in her personal life—is her travels throughout the world. On every trip, Mary makes a point to visit local galleries, museums, and architectural landmarks.

For some travelers, no matter how much they enjoy traveling to new destinations, the process of actually getting there can be stressful. Mary Mickel rarely gets stressed by traveling, though. She thoroughly plans and prepares for each trip so that she can enjoy the entire experience from the airport to walking unfamiliar streets. Typical travel preparation for Mary involves online research. Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are fantastic resources for discovering popular restaurants and landmarks. As Mary finds restaurants and other destinations that she’d like to visit, she includes each option in a spreadsheet. This type of organization makes it easy to plan each day of the trip and adjust if need be.

Some of Mary Mickel’s favorite architectural destinations include Charleston, Savannah, and San Francisco. Each city has an incredibly rich history and a mix of old and newer buildings. They’ve also done a fine job preserving the integrity of their historical buildings. Savannah, in particular, has many houses that feature historically accurate furniture. Mary loves the feeling of entering a historical house and feeling like she is stepping back in time. 

Since Mary Mickel is a visual person, she prefers to create websites that feature high-quality images. When she works with a client, she encourages them to provide images of their restaurants and their work. Mary usually starts the design process with a template. Then she adds custom code depending on what the client’s needs are. One of her most favorite projects to work on was designing the site for Argus Cidery. Mary and her husband founded Argus Cidery in 2010. She works on all of the branding and marketing for the company. To learn more about Argus Cidery and see Mary’s design work, visit the company’s official site.

Professional Overview

Mary Mickel has worked in the PR and marketing industry for over seven years. One of her favorite aspects of working in the industry is the fact that each day is different. While this can be challenging at times, it ensures that the work is always exciting. In addition to working on the design of each client’s brand, Mary enjoys the challenge of creating unique marketing strategies with her team. Resplendent Hospitality’s goal is to help clients reach the largest audience possible, and Mary is glad that she gets to contribute to the success of local businesses.

Mary’s current foothold in the food and beverage industry doesn’t end with Resplendent Hospitality; a few years back, she and her husband decided to fill the white space in the industry and satisfy those looking for crisp, effervescent hard ciders that weren’t overwhelmingly sweet like all of the others on the market. In 2010, they founded Argus Cidery, with the goal of creating ciders that would redefine the way Americans view this bubbly beverage. They began only using Texas-grown apples, but have since expanded their offerings to include pineapple cider and fermentables created from cherries and pears.